GoPOS is an innovative, fast and intuitive sales system for your business. It allows you to comprehensively manage your premises from a computer or any personal device.






Brand design
ux design & Concept
ui design

POS design & website concept

GoPOS is a company offering POS software along with equipment for gastronomy, service outlets and amusement parks. My role was to design brand identity, logo , visuals and all UI/UX for landingpage and POS.

CI Design

I prepared visual identification for the project. I have chosen blue as the main color scheme and the font for the project is modern DM Sans. Elements of rounded corners and additional circles and dots add lightness and character to the website and posts on instagram / facebook.

UI/UX Concept

I prepared a UX concept of the main page in which the most important task is to perform an action by the customer (e.g. signing up for a demo, or leaving an email). I chose the most important issues of the project for sections that are interspersed with interesting photos, icons and technical issues.

POS System layout

One of my main tasks was to design a POS system. A lot of research was done and the final result of the cooperation with the client and the owners of the restaurant can be seen on screenshots.

Social media

I prepared styling for instagram / facebook posts referring to the company's CI.